Phenotype Screening Corporation will be at the MicroBiome Movement AgBiotech Meeting February 27-29, Raleigh, NC

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At 10 am on Wednesday, February 28, Dan McDonald, President and co-founder of Phenotype Screening Corporation will be presenting:

Challenges in Characterizing Product Performance in Multifactor Environments

• Exploring how characterization of the whole-plant impact of modern agricultural treatments requires study of both the phyllosphere and the rhizosphere
• In each case these “spheres” interact with abiotic and biotic factors in a dynamic and interactive manner
• Discussing how classical measurement methods combined with modern molecular techniques can provide deep insight into product impacts, but major challenges remain

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Induced Expression Phenotyping studies the effects of biological and synthetic treatments on plant health and development. Crop production and protection products affect gene expression and induce metabolic and structure changes in individual plants. We capture these changes to provide mode of action impacts to our clients.