Other Plant Organs

We have successfully imaged plant organs other than root systems. Stalks, seeds, fruit, ear shoots, pest damage to organs are some of challenges we have taken on using low energy x-ray visualization.

We describe below some of the applications we have performed using this technology. Please Contact us to discuss your plant organ visualization need.

Ear Shoots

Non-destructive imaging of corn ear shoots can be done using Phenotype Screening Corporation's low energy x-ray imaging technology. Left below is an x-ray image of an ear shoot, Right is a photograph of the same area with some leaves and husks removed.

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Corn Kernels

Dried corn kernels were imaged using the RootViz x-ray system. X-ray image is on the left in each pair. Image on the right in each pair is enhanced using image analysis software.

For one seed, gray scale enhancement is used to bring out various features of kernel.

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Cotton Boll

The below animated image of a cotton boll illustrates how the various details of an object may be displayed. This animation is in stereo and anaglyphic glasses are required to see the stereo effect

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