Field and Greenhouse Root Analysis

There are applications where plants must be grown in soil, either in Field or Greenhouse. For those situations, we offer a washed root imaging and analysis service. Ship us your washed root systems overnight and we will image and analyse the roots for you. We can give you next day delivery of spreadsheet analysis data, or a full written report in a matter of days.

Below are two example studies that we have done for clients.

Grass Roots Analysis

Professor Emanuel Dzantor of Tennessee State University has graciously allowed us to show the results of an architectural analysis of washed roots study of Prarie Grass.

The below image shows Root System Architecture (RSA) Signature for Total Root Crossings. The signatures on the left are for plants grown in pH 4.5 conditions. The signatures on the right are for plants grown in pH 6.5 conditions. This allows a quick comparison of plants under different treatments.

Dzantor Prairie Grass RSA

Click here to see results of Phenotype Screening Corporation's study done for Professor Dzantor.

Phenotype Screening Corporation President Dan McDonald presented at the Southern Branch, American Society of Agronomy meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, February 5 - 7. Click here to see Dan's Presentation: "Field Harvested Maize Root Architecture Comparisons under Different Treatments and Tillage Conditions using Soft Tissue X-Ray Imaging."

Field Harvested Maize Roots

The above maize root systems are typical of Field Harvested, washed, and x-ray imaged root systems.

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Example Pricing

For Maize, Soybean, Cotton, and some Grasses the below example pricing for a lot of ten root systems applies. Note that x-ray imaging and analysis to a spreadsheet of root system properties is included in the $750 per lot of ten Imaging and Root Analysis price. A Statistical Analysis of the Data and preparation of a summary presentation is an additional $1000. Contact us for a firm quotation and quantity discount.

Field Harvested Maize Roots

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